[Story] Strongest Team part 1

This is my *imagination* story, lets start then, enjoy ! 😀

           Long time ago, there is a castle with The Great King and The Beautiful Princess. With the strong allies, and Just minister. And there is a very rare treasure in there, in a place with one door without a knight. I must say its easy to find it, but the treasure itself has been sealed with 4 Miracle Sword. The treasure is a Cursed Staff, the strongest staff ever !, with a dark magical power.

Then, the king had some magician for healing and war. Dolos, one of the magicians in there and one of the smart one, he can combined his magic for a new magic. But, he is a bad person inside, he combine his magic for a new magic to released the seal. He the lucky one, he found a new magic that can released the seal, then he come to the door of the seal treasure and released it. The Cursed Staff its too strong for him, and he almost died because of it.

The bad magic surrounding the castle and make human into a plant, but the king and the princess it protected by 4 Miracle Sword.

King        : Oh, my castle, into a place like this ?, with bad plant all over
Princess : Dad, I’m worried about the people, lets check them
King        : Lets see *looking out from the window*, ….. *gasp* ….
Princess : What happen, dad ?
King        : The people became a bad plant too
Princess : *gasp* … *looking out from the window* *crying*
King        : Please, don’t cry princess, lets see, its there someone who survive.
Princess : ok dad, lets out of here then

           The king and the princess has looking all over the castle for find is there someone who survived, in the third floor their found a knight not into a bad plant, they relieved there someone survived there. The long story begin from this point …

Well, this is the part one, I’m sorry, this is just my imagination, part two in process in my mind ._.v

#Catatan = maaf gak buat dalam bahasa Indonesia, terlanjur pake bhs Inggris dari awal, mungkin nanti di part berapa gitu baru pake Indo ._., mian


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